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How to Transport a Watercraft in Perth?


So now that you’ve got a Watercraft, your question might be how are you supposed to transport it? Well, generally Power Boats are used for recreational activities out on the water and unless you have a large water cruiser many power boats and jet skis are designed not to be stored in the water over long periods of time. This is because doing so for long periods you will see accumulated sea growth such as gunk, mussels and other crustaceans attach to the hull of the boat which will decrease the overall performance of the watercraft.

Why you would move a Power Boat.

There are many reasons why one would move a power boat and many reasons why you wouldn’t want to do it yourself either. You could have bought a power boat for recreational purposes and now you have relocated to the other side of the coast and therefore you may wish to transport your watercraft to your new destination rather than to sell it. Some people may also need to transport powerboats by road because they are professional boaters and compete regularly in competitions, going from one competition to the next. So below are some of the ways you would transport your watercraft.


If you have a large Watercraft such as a Yacht that is stored in the water for most of its life, then you would pilot the boat to its new destination provided that the new destination is not too far and only if you’re not crossing continents. If you find you are experienced enough to do it yourself then do so otherwise, you may need to hire someone more experienced and advanced and has a great knowledge of sailing to Pilot the boat for you.





If you are moving locally or crossing borders into other nearby states, then a viable option is to wench it onto your boat trailer andboat trailer hitch it to a car and simply drive the distance. Again this is like transporting a car, however many people are not good at long distance driving so again you have to ensure that you plan your route out with many stops in between to take rests and naps. Fatigue kills and we have heard it many times before. Driving a car long distance is already a challenge in itself so driving a car with a boat hitched to the back provides a greater risk when travelling long distance. If you are not totally comfortable with the distance then I suggest you hire a removalist Perth who will be happy enough to hitch your boat onto their truck and move it for you as these professionals have clocked up enough hours on the road, and know how to deal with their fatigue to get your belongings safely from A to B.


boat haulageIf your watercraft is too large and you are not prepared to Pilot it or Trailer it, then possibly your last resort could be to hire a haulage company specialised in Boat Tranports to help you out. These companies would have all the necessary equipment and trucks to haul your boat from one location to another since they would have done it many times before. But this option will also be a very costly because usually they provide the service on an individual basis. If you have a large boat going from A to B then the truck will only have room to transport your boat only because of the size of it focussing all their effort to transport your boat safely, compared to transporting cars where haulage companies can do several cars at the same time making it cheaper. Due to this fact, boat transport can be quite a costly option.